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Tool Steel Foil Wrap

Ticronic Tool Steel Foil is A Type 321 Annealed Stainless steel used in the heat treating of tool steel parts. The wrap eliminates the need for Ni-chrome box Packing, or the use of saw-required. Guaranteed to be taken up to 2000 Degrees Fahrenheit. Simple to use; Place package in oven and heat treat in usual way. Further technical in formation is available upon request. For special applications, Ticronic 309 or 321/.003″ thickness is available for higher temperature application.

Tool Steel Foil Wrap preserves machined surfaces from decarburization (scaling) while Heat Treating, up to 2000 Degrees Fahrenheit



Size DIA#
.002″x24″x50′ 50002
.002″x24″x100′ 55002
.003″x24″x50′ 56503
.003″x24″x100′ 56103
.002″x12″x50′ 53050
.002″x12″x100′ 54005
Ticronic Tools
Crimper 54002
Roller 54005

High Temp 309

Ticronic 309 available for higher temperature applications such as high speed steels. Ticronic 309 can be used for temperatures approaching 2250 degrees Fahrenheit! Available in 50′. 100′ rolls, and our new flat wrap just like our regular Ticronic. Ticronic 309 is the answer for high temperature heat treating. Works for most applications and eliminates then need for double wrapping or using .003″ thick foil. Please note that high temperature applications require tool to be at highest temperatures for a very short period of time. For best high temperature results follow instructions very specifically.

High Temp (309)
Size IDA# Size IDA#
.002″x24″x50 50003 .002″x20″x50′ 50001
.002″x20″x100′ 55003 .002″x20″x100′ 55001
.002″x12″x50′ 50004
.002″x12″x100′ 50005

New! New!

Ticronic Flat Wrap
Ideal for wrapping small parts

321 Annealed 309 Annealed
.002″ x 12″ x 24″/ 12Pc Pk .002″ x 12″ x 24″/12Pc Pk
IDA#    50008 IDA#    50010
.002″ x 12″ x 24″/24PC Pk .002″ x 12″ x 24/24Pc Pk
IDA#    50009 IDA#    50011